Durham Flight Schools
Durham Flight Schools

Okay, you've decided to take your infatuation with flight to the next level. So what's next? Take a look at Durham Flight Schools selection of flight packages; you're guaranteed to find one perfect for you!

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Discovery Flights

Only have a short amount of time to indulge in your flight of fancy or just want to see if you have what it takes to be a real pilot? Our Discovery Flight will change your life forever! This introduction to the world of aviation lasts 30 minutes with your FAA-certified pilot in the Durham area, who may allow you up to five minutes of hands-on training at his or her discretion. Or perhaps you know someone who's itching to get into the cockpit! The Discovery Flight package makes the perfect gift for that special someone who has always wanted to fly!

5 Hour Power Package

If you're serious about becoming a pilot, then this intensive flight package near Durham is just what you need to get started! The 5 Hour Power Package includes approximately 3 hours of ground school and nearly 2 hours of logged flight time. If you decide to pursue a Recreational or Private License, this package will apply toward the required hours of flight time. Included in the cost is everything you need to be successful, such as informational videos or DVD's, an Instruction Manual, and various study guides.

There are three different options for you to consider as you enter the exciting world of aviation:

  1. Recreational License - If you're just interested in flying for the fun of it and have no intention of obtaining a Private or Commercial certificate, this option is for you. You'll be authorized to make short solo flights that are within 50 miles of the airport where you received instruction. You can only fly during the daytime, and may carry one passenger at a time. Charging a fee is not permissible.

    Recreational License Package - This package includes approximately 30 hours of logged flight time, and will allow you to fly within the parameters of your local airport.

  2. Private License - If you're looking for more freedom as a pilot, a Private License is the way to go. You may fly at night, and carry as many passengers as is legal for the aircraft that you fly. You still can't charge for the ride, but you may split expenses for the flight. You may fly virtually anywhere, as long as you follow all the rules and guidelines imposed by the FAA.

    Private License Package - This option allows you more freedom and flexibility than a Recreational License. The Private license package includes approximately 60 hours of logged flight time and 15 hours of ground school. With a Private License, you may fly from one airport to another. Many people decide to turn their love of flying into a full-fledged career. If you think you want to take your flying adventures to the next level, then you must earn a Commercial License.

  3. Commercial License - If you would like to indulge in this exciting pastime with all the privileges of a private pilot and charge for your services, then consider pursuing a Commercial License. It takes approximately 35-60 hours of flight time to obtain your Recreational and/or Private Flight Certificate, and about the same amount of ground training depending on your ability to learn quickly. Safety is the number one priority, so your instructor must be confident that you have mastered everything necessary for you to safely fly on your own before you will earn your Certificate in North Carolina.